Cottonland Gun Club

At Kiper Farms

Skeet and Trap shooting are some of the most well known disciplines of shotgun shooting sports. Helice is probably one of the least known, but we’re hoping to change that. And it is Growing.

The Nest Best Thing to Live Birds

A helice field is called a ring. Inside the ring are five oscillating traps, each with two targets spinning on motors. unlike other shotgun shooting sports, Helice targets are made of plastic and have propellers molded into them. Since the targets are already spinning, when the shooter calls “pull”, a random target facing a random direction is released. Attached to the orange target is a white cap. The objective is to not only hit the target, but to knock the white cap out so that it lands inside a circular fence. Even if hit, if the cap lands outside of the ring, the target is counted as a lost bird.

The challenges of the game are many. Its a quick shoot. the randomness of the targets makes it difficult to hit. Because the targets are made of light weight plastic, even a light breeze affects the flight of the targets and add to the random nature. If this sounds like a challenge, it is. We’d love to book your groups event.